Current status: inactive
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hi guys, 

just a small announcement to make if anyone is still reading, i am quitting tumblr. 

i actually planned to announce this earlier but i thought i might come back after awhile. in the end, no as i’m in the last semester for my school and i’m really busy with school work ;;;; also, i have changed my preference of music back to japanese (utaite who covered vocaloid songs) i still like infinite, but not as much anymore.

well to sum up, thank you guys so much for the past 2 years for following me be it old or new followers, i’m really thankful for you guys ;w; 
also, i really had fun chatting with you guys and i’m really really sorry for not replying to messages during these few months.

thank you for featuring me on your follow forever, thank you for reblogging my gifs, thank you for liking my gifs, thank you for everything guys ;w;; 

edited: i won’t be deleting anything, so all the scans will still be here! ^^ all the best for you guys too! take care. 

Anonymous: The link you put up for cs5 portable is broken. Do you have any other link for it? Thanks. 

you can try this link!

Anonymous: jiyeol(.)tumblr(.)com/post/32714622473 what show is this? and can you tag #inpiniteureply in your answer? thank you~ 

miss & mr idol. here’s the link for the show~